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Dear Friends,

UPDATE! I'm very excited to be offering YOU vs. THE VOLCANO--the TOY BREED EDITION! 

As someone who loves small and toy breed dogs, it hurts my heart to see them and their owners struggle and stress on walks and in the home.  If you have or know someone who has the little dog who "nuts up" at the sight of other dogs, who barks, lunges, growls or cowers around scary strangers, who erupts into fierce barking at the postal worker or neighbor walking by, there's a lot we can do to teach calmness, confidence and quietness.  Small dogs can have issues that are unique to their size, and special needs in training and handling. They deserve a class of their own--check it out!

UPDATE 2:  Introduction to Agility and Agility 2: Sequences are now open for registration!  If you've never done Agility, the Introduction class is perfect for getting a taste of the action and seeing if Agility is the right sport for you and your dog.  If you've already completed the first class, Agility 2 will pick us up right where we left off!

I look forward to seeing everyone in class!

Emily Gaydos, CPDT-KA
(530) 925-2261

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