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Agility is a fast-paced, tremendously fun canine sport where you direct your dog through an obstacle course of jumps, tunnels, see-saws and dog walks.  

Whether you're interesting in competing for an advanced title or you just want a neat way to exercise with your dog, agility builds teamwork, enhances the canine-human bond, and gives you and your dog quality time doing something you'll both enjoy.

Agility I:  Introduction to Agility - Obstacles 
4 Wednesdays starting May 23rd at 6 pm                            Cost: $75

This 4-week beginning class focuses on safely and gently introducing your dog to the common obstacles found on agility courses, and introducing you to the basic rules and dog-handling skills needed to pilot your dog from tunnels to jumps.   Each week will feature 3-4 different obstacles.  This class is for dogs of all breeds & will be taught on standard equipment according to (mostly) AKC Regulations.  Once a dog-handler team completes the course, they’re ready for Agility II.  

Class requirements:  Class space is limited, so register early to guarantee your space!  Dogs must be at least 1 year old and current on vaccinations. If your dog has aggression issues, or would be severely stressed by a group setting, consult with the trainer before registering! 


To register online:  download the fillable PDF form, fill out on your computer, save and e-mail back to me at: clickercoach@snowcrest. net  Paypal payment option is available on the  Classes-Paypal Options page.

To register by mail: download, fill and print out the registration form; mail form with payment to the address on the forms.

Agility 2: Sequences 
At this level, we start putting the different obstacles together into sequences.  Handlers learn how to direct the dog from one place to the next, set them up for the best approach, and give timely, effective cues.  We’ll also be adding Agility’s two most demanding obstacles at this level:  Weave poles and the teeter-totter.   Open to teams who have completed Intro to Agility or equivalent.   Permission of instructor.  Class fee: $65 per 4 lessons

Agility 3: Intermediate  - Ongoing
Wednesdays at 7:15 pm; begins May 15 at the Field
Saturdays at 10 am - TBA
Class fee: $65 per 4 lessons

This is an ongoing class for experienced dog/handler teams.  Permission of instructor.  Space is currently available for returning teams; new teams, please inquire!
Agility 4:  Advanced - Ongoing
Coursework:  Tuesdays at 10 am; begins May 14 at the Field
Skills & Drills:  Wednesdays at 3 pm, Field or School
Class fee: $65 per 4 lessons

For experienced dog/handler teams who are competition level or equivalent; permission of instructor required.  Space is currently available for returning teams; new teams, please inquire!

Not sure which classes you belong in?  Contact me!
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