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Clickin' with Your Dog
Group Classes
Puppy * Adult * CGC

Whether you're starting a new puppy or you want to brush up the skills of your older dog, clicker training is a fun, effective way to bring out the best in your dog. 

In the beginning level classes, we'll use neat games, toys and food treats to teach your puppy or dog the behaviors you want.  You'll learn the best way to communicate with your individual dog and how to deliver rewards with good placement and timing for maximum learning impact.  We'll also talk about how to "read" dog body language, stop unwanted behaviors and how to recognize and promote healthy play between dogs.

Puppy classes are for pups 12 weeks to 6 months of age.*
Adolescent & Adult classes are for dogs 6 months and older*

* Please Note:  Ages approximate. Small breed dogs may do best in the puppy section; large breed pups in the older dog section; any questions about which is best for your dog, please call!

To register online:  download the fillable PDF form, fill out on your computer, save and e-mail back to me at: clickercoach@snowcrest. net
Paypal payment option is available on the Classes-Paypal Options page.

To register by mail: download, fill and print out the registration form; mail form with payment to the address on the forms.

Puppy Manners & Socialization I
For Puppies 12 weeks - 6 months 
5 Week Class beginning Thursday Feb. 21st* from 6:00 - 7:00 pm
*Please note that start date has changed due to our inclement weather!
Cost: $85.00   
Start your new puppy out on the right paw!   For Puppy's first class, we'll focus on topics like:
CWD Puppy Feb2019 reg.pdf (PDF — 248 KB)

  • house-training, chew training and proper socialization
  • good manners and basic commands like Sit, Down, Come and Leave It
  • encouraging nice play, without jumping or mouthiness
  • getting Puppy used to routine handling & grooming
  • developing focus and attention--even when excited

Class requirements:  Class space is limited, so register early to guarantee your space.  Puppies must be at least 12 weeks of age and have had at least 2 parvo/distemper combo vaccinations before attending class.  If you have any questions about your pup's suitability for the class, please consult with the trainer before registering.

Basic Manners & Obedience
For Adolescent dogs between 6 months - 1 year
5 Week Class beginning Tuesday, Mar. 5th* from 6:00-7:00 pm
*Please note that start date has changed due to our inclement weather!
Cost: $85.00
It's never too late to improve a dog's learning!  For dogs beyond the puppy stage, this class will focus on: 
  • building needed real-life behaviors like Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Heel
  • greeting visitors calmly, without jumping or mouthiness
  • developing impulse control and attention, even around distractions
  • effective play and games for exercising and calming your dog
  • trouble-shooting problem behaviors and bad habits

Class requirements:  Class space is limited, so register early to guarantee your space.  Dogs must be current on vaccinations.   All levels of training are welcome, but please, if your dog has aggression, fear or reactivity issues, or would be seriously stressed by a group setting around unfamiliar people & other dogs, consult with the trainer before registering!

Puppy Manners 2: The Next Level
For pups under 1 year that have completed the basic class
5 Week Class beginning Monday, Mar. 11th from 6:00-7:00 pm
Cost: $85.00
In the first class, we started working on fundamental behaviors like Sit, Down and Come.  In this fun-filled 5-week class, we’ll take what we learned in the basic class and start applying it to “real-life” situations and scenarios.  Each session will introduce multiple exercises revolving around a theme, including:
  • Recalls out of dog-dog play & around other distractions
  • Stays, Impulse Control & good “door” manners
  • Building confidence, attention & focus
  • Walking politely on leash in a challenging world
  • Play, games & exercise for better manners
We’ll also work on a “handler’s choice” where each person picks a behavior that’s especially important to their team and we develop a plan to address it.

Class requirements: 
This class is for pups & adolescents under 1 year of age that have attended the basic Puppy 1 class. Space is limited, so register early to guarantee your space!  All pups must be current on vaccinations.

Preparation for Canine Good Citizenship
TBA - open enrollment/ongoing (as space permits) 
Cost:  $65.00 for 4 sessions
The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) Program is a great foundation for other canine activities such as obedience, agility,service and therapy dog work.  In this class, dogs and handlers will practice exercises to prepare them for the CGC test, including heeling nicely on leash, coming when called, working around other dogs, and greeting strangers politely.  For dogs and handlers who have completed the basic class or equivalent and want to take it to the next level!  
Previous class experience or equivalent and permission of instructor required.  This is an ongoing class accepting new teams at any time as space permits; if interested, please call or e-mail.

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