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Dog Training and the Toxic Triple Whammy, Part 2
Dog Training and the Toxic Triple Whammy, Part 1
I Can’t vs. I Don’t Know How
Help! My Dog Doesn’t Respect Me… (Part 3)
Help! My Dog Doesn’t Respect Me… (Part 2)


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Dog Training and the Toxic Triple Whammy, Part 2

Imagine that you have a condition that is jeopardizing your health, your relationships with those you love, possibly your very life.  There are, thank heavens, treatments available.  Untold thousands, probably millions, of laboratory and research animals, from rats to pigeons to cats to dogs to chimps to college students, have given their tiny alls for decades to discover exactly how these treatments work.  From all this research, two basic treatment options have been developed:  Pill A and Pill B.

Dog Training and the Toxic Triple Whammy, Part 1

Oh!  My heart is broken, another crushing blow to me and my geek tendencies… :)
The recent hoo-has involving a celebrity TV dog trainer, a pig, a dog and a whole bunch of folks in the dog training community made me think (well, so did what I ate for lunch, but y’know.)  To the incident itself, I have nothing helpful to add to the debate.  But there are some lessons in it that go beyond that I think are worth talking about.

I thought I had an answer:  Critical thinking skills!

Making Your Voice—and Your Money—Count: Some Tips from an Animal Welfare Professional

If you’re like a lot of people—and you’re reading this blog—you love animals.  Or at least, animals of your species of choice, be it dogs, cats, horses or exotics.  You want to do right by your own pets, and also by pets everywhere.  You want to see well-run animal control services that keep communities safe, help stray or abandoned critters and maintain humane, caring facilities.  You want to help rescue homeless, abused or neglected pets.  Maybe you’d like to donate to some worthy cause.
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