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Agility 2: Sequences


At this level, we start putting the different obstacles together into sequences. Handlers learn how to direct the dog from one place to the next, set them up for the best approach, and give timely, effective cues. We’ll also be adding Agility’s two most demanding obstacles at this level: Weave poles and the teeter-totter. Open to teams who have completed Intro to Agility or equivalent. Permission of instructor. Class fee: $65 per 4 lessons

Agility 3: Intermediate - Ongoing - Currently FULL

This is an ongoing class for experienced dog/handler teams. Permission of instructor. Space is currently full; new teams, please inquire!

Agility 4: Advanced - Ongoing - Currently FULL

Coursework: Tuesdays at 10 am; begins July 28th at the School

Class fee: $65 per 4 lessons

For experienced dog/handler teams who are competition level or equivalent; permission of instructor required. Space is currently full; new teams, please inquire!

Not sure which classes you belong in? Contact me!

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