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One-on-one lessons do cost more; there are also many advantages. Private training may be a better choice for you if:

1. You need training services when group classes aren't being offered. Private lessons can be scheduled one at a time to better fit the needs of your busy schedule.

2. You have special learning goals or needs. Some people find it challenging to learn in a group and prefer setting their own pace with one-on-one instruction. Others have particular training needs or goals that aren't covered in the typical group class. Private training allows you to customize the instruction to meet your exact needs.

3. Your dog has a behavior issue or problem. Some dogs are nervous, excited or stressed by a group setting and can't focus on learning around other dogs. Other dogs need a few private lessons to get ready for the next level. And fearful dogs or dogs with aggression issues need those issues addressed before they're ready for a public class.

For information about scheduling, pricing and for a free phone consultation to determine
your needs, contact me.

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Please Note: My primary service area is South Siskiyou County (Mt. Shasta, Weed, Dunsmuir.) For North County, services may be limited or unavailable due to distance and/or poor weather conditions and additional travel fees may apply.

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