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Teaching a dog should be effective, fun and user-friendly for people and their pets. What I've learned from the many dogs I've worked with is that the secret to good dog training is--there are no secrets! No tricks, gimmicks or magic wands. Teaching a dog to do what you want (and to stop doing what you don't want) rests on three basic skills:

The first is communication. Your dog can't do what you want or stop doing what you don't want unless he or she knows what you want. Knowing how to clearly and effectively communicate with your dog is the first step to good training.

The second is motivation. Understanding what rocks your dog's world and how to use what he or she wants to get the behaviors you want is the real "secret" to dog training success.

The third is practice. When we're learning new skills, very few of us sit down at a piano and instantly dash out a new melody, or pick up a golf club and hit a hole in one on our first try. Like us, dogs need to practice what they're learning to get good at it.

My goal as an instructor is to provide you and your dog with a training environment where you can:

  • learn how to communicate effectively with each other

  • find the best ways to motivate your individual dog without pain, fear or force

  • practice new behaviors and skills in a way that's fun and safe for you both

As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, I am committed to providing you and your dog with:

  • ongoing excellence through continuing education

  • the most accurate, up-to-date and scientifically validated behavior and training information available

  • respect, courtesy and professionalism

  • transparency in both training methodology and business practices

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