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A Group Class for Intermediate Dog/Handler Teams

Beyond the Backyard:

Working Around Distractions

6 Mondays starting April 18, 2016 at 6 pm

Cost: $95.00

Mt. Shasta Location TBA

Does your dog listen to you in the kitchen or around the house, but fall apart when out in public or when faced with higher distractions? Do you still need to keep a treat in hand to get even simple behaviors like Sit or Down? Would you like to improve your dog’s skills so that he will listen to you, anytime, anywhere, whether he sees the food or not?

If yes, this class is for you!

Based on curriculum developed by Denise Fenzi of Fenzi Dog Sports Academy and made available to instructors all over the country, in this 6-week class we’ll be using gradually increasing levels of difficulty to teach our dogs to:

  • Pay attention to us, even around tempting distractions

  • Listen and respond to cues even when the food is invisible

  • Give us “living room” quality behavior in new settings and situations

This will also be a perfect class for anyone currently participating in or thinking about giving Agility, Freestyle, Nosework or any other doggy sport a try!

Class requirements: This is an intermediate class for dogs that already have basic skills. Dogs must be able to work safely and comfortably in a group setting with people and other dogs. If your dog is fearful or reactive, has serious food allergies or tends to guard food or toys from people or other dogs, please speak to me before registering about the suitability of your dog for this class.

You will need a copy of Denise Fenzi’s book Beyond the Backyard before class. Available through Amazon, and

Class is limited to 6 teams and will fill fast!

Please register early to guarantee your space.

To register, download the registration form.

Payment can be made on the Paypal Payment Options page, or by mailing the completed form and check as instructed.

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